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Welcome, Sonoma Dreamers!

This art and crafts marketplace was specifically designed for North Bay makers looking to sell their products online. The goal is for local crafters to sell small quantities without the hassle of larger e-commerce complications. There are no minimums on products, we welcome single or family crafters and are happy to help you promote and sell your products. You simply arrange a pickup and we handle all of the rest, we wrap and ship all of the products in style. We are a collaborative of experienced retailers and marketers who can share our experience with you. There are no up front charges to get started so if your merchandise does not sell there is no cost to you. 

Selling FAQs

How do I get started?

To sign up, please fill out the vendor information form and one of the owners will contact you shortly. Once you sign your contract, a pickup will be arranged and we take it from there! It's that easy.

What is the comission rate?

Comission rates depend on the volume sold and cost of the item. Special rates can be arranged for merchandise in larger volumes, high level sales, or ready to sell (photos, descriptons, packaging provided).

What do you do for me as a seller?

After you have signed your seller agreement this is what happens on our side. 1- We pick up your local merchandise, or arrange a drop-off time 2- Photograph the items in a product photo booth, clean up and photoshop the pictures 3- Post the items online and write descriptions for them 4- Add SEO, keywords, and metadata to advertise the items on Google 5- Promote new and changing items in our store, blog, web, social media, and on Sonoma County websites. 6- When sold we process the payment, package the items in beautiful hand designed packaging and ship 7- Transfer to your bank account the sales fee as well as provide a document with live updates when your items sell. New Buyers will receive a thankyou note and you may include an "about the seller" card to promote your future sale if you wish.

What if my items do not sell?

We encourage new and advanced sellers to try out selling new product lines at no risk to you. If your items do not sell within your contracted amount of time (usually 3 months) we will ask if you would like to have them returned or if you would like additional advertising options or feedback. We are dedicated to promoting your items and can assist you in changing your descriptions, titles, colors, etc. from the feedback we receive from customers. There is no cost to you if your products do not sell.


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